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Alejandra Gonzalez

ALAS has changed my life and the lives of all my children.


Sara Basurto

Sara is a busy mother who shares her story of how A.L.A.S. has helped her and her family.


My name is Alejandra Gonzalez.

I have five children, two girls and three boys and three of my children have special needs. Exactly two years ago I was at a clinic and a women approached me and asked me if I had children with special needs. I answered, “yes and at that moment she gave me a flyer entitled “Family Fun Night” with the date and information of an upcoming event.  At that moment I didn’t know what that was about but I thanked the lady.

One day I was going through my papers and found the flyer the lady had giving me a while back entitled “Family Fun Night”. I was very happy to see  the event was coming up. Even though, I was a bit unsure I decided to go with my entire family. When I arrived the outside of the building looked empty. I was scared someone was going to ask me, “What is wrong with your children?” I will never forget that moment when I opened those doors and I felt that everyone in that place told me silently “You are not alone”, "We are all in your same situation". I felt at peace and heard the encouraging words I needed to endure my battle.

ALAS has changed my life and the lives of all my children. Now I know that a Family Fun Night is only one of the many things that this organization offers. I have a lot to thank them because ALAS has helped me advocate for my children in their school and in all areas. Now I feel confident and prepared to do it on my own. ALAS is an organization that has events for the entire family. ALAS cares about the parents. During the support groups I find the space to let my feelings out ALAS has provided my older children with the opportunity to join their volunteer team and help during the Family Fun Nights, support groups and other events.

I have been at ALAS  for two years and I wished I would have found  the organization sooner. Last year I joined the Board of Directors of ALAS and I have grown as a parent and professional. I also took the Parent to Parent of WI training and I support new parents who come to the organization in search of support. I’m also a member of the Fundraising committee and I help organize events such as the “Dancing with ALAS”. I have shared my experiences and provided information by presenting in various conferences and participating in radio stations in the community. 

ALAS offers programs that provide information to the community and organizes events that benefit our children and where the entire family and friends are a part of. ALAS receives new families on a daily basis at a time where funds might not be sufficient, but the needs of our families are great. ALAS is a small organization that is dedicated to helping many families throughout the years. Today, I have the satisfaction of seeing my children improve and grow. ALAS needs helps and the families need ALAS.


Alejandra Gonzalez
ALAS Board Member
ALAS Fundraising Committee Member

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